I don't think people realize how expensive it is to participate in this program. I'm sure it's cheaper if you live in the interview city, and you get a great deal on your flight, but that's not the case for everyone. Something I noticed is most people don't list what expenses are needed to participate in the program, and I promise I will. Why pay to go to the interview if you don't have the financial means to participate? Every time I pay a fee, I promise I will list it. Obviously prices vary for everyone and no one will pay the same amount I did. Things that will cause my expenses to be different: I lived far from my interview city, I'm driving, and also I'm from Canada so everything will be in Canadian Dollars.

  • $448 : Flight to Toronto
  • $140 : Last minute Blazer to hide stain on my blouse that I brought (oops)
  • $100 : Took my Mom out for Lunch to thank her for coming with me (would have bought her flight if I had the means)
  • $154.50 : Program Assessment fee ($179.74 in Canadian Dollars)
  • $30 : Police background check 
  • $150 : AMA Road Side Assistance Year Fee
  • $30 : Stuff for apartment (so far) 
  • $75 : 37 days of travel insurance (My current insurance covers me for 90 days, so I only needed an additional 30 for the 120 days)
  • $80-100 : Food while driving down
  • $250 : Gas
  • $516 : Hotels while driving down (split in half with friend was $258)
  • $119 : First grocery trip (Cleaning supplies)
  • $130 : GPS
  • $336 : Oops... Waterproof Camera
  • $340 : Universal Annual Pass
  • $160 : Buying an additional 4 months of travel insurance 


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