Move IN and The First Week


I really have no idea where to begin with this post. Maybe with where I am? COMMONS! I got a 3 bedroom, 6 people apartment  at the Commons. For those just starting their research, The Commons is one of the older complexes, has a bus stop, and is the only complex with the washer and dryer in the apartments. I got an apartment that has been redone, so I have hardwood which is awesome! I will do an apartment tour when we are all settled in, and once I have discussed it with my roommates to make sure they're comfortable with it.

So moving in was expensive and stressful. I had to buy a dresser type thing to put my clothes in. My roommate got a closet organizer, but I knew that wouldn't be enough for me. I found it extremely useful to have a car on move in day. If you can afford it, I highly recommend looking into renting a car for the day or taking a taxi. I could not imagine being on the bus with the amount of stuff I got from my first Walmart trip. Then the next few days were all of meetings: immigrations, visa appointments, and a few others. Then we had a cast member party at Typhoon Lagoon that happens once a year. We just so happened to arrive the week it was happening! Lucky us! So our traditions was postponed to the Saturday which I was told was rather late.

Okay so now Traditions!!!

For those of you who don't know Traditions is Disney's way of getting you all pumped up for Disney. To be honest I've learned a lot in the past 5 days so it's all blended together, and I can't remember all the things we learned that day. But you do learn the companies mission, their vision, and what they expect from their employees. It was a long day, but it still was exciting. (I maybe cried twice.. Shocker. BUT THEY PLAYED KID REACTION VIDEOS. I'm a sucker for those). 

Then you attend Disney University. This includes super early mornings, and super heavy material. So I really hope if you need coffee, you drink it! I was struggling hard the first day. It is very important information, and they reiterate almost everything from Traditions. This is so that information is ENGRAVED in your mind. And trust me, it will be! Disney University covered safety codes, Disney language, employee safety, Disney's guidelines, Disney's expectations, rules, etc. Then you have on boarding which I believe is just Disney University specifically towards your job position. So we did food safety modules, a tour of Epcot, alcohol service laws, etc. Then today we FINALLY got our costumes (which call me crazy, I really like), and got a tour of Le Cellier. 

It's been an overload of information in the past week. I'm actually super nervous. I know I am going to get lost. But that's okay. I will figure it out.

I still need to do:
  • Social Security Number Appointment
  • Open a Partners bank account for my tips
  • Get a Florida's Drivers License
  • Register my vehicle under the Florida's License at The Commons
  • UNLOCK MY PHONE (do this before you leave... don't make my mistake. Try and unlock your phone MONTHS in advanced, as Rogers is saying it will take me 90 days)
  • Get a phone plan
So still a lot of stuff. I also don't have my main gate pass yet either, but it should be coming in a week or two! :)


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  1. Hey, nice to hear that you're spending a good time :)

    How does your room look? Which pieces of furniture have been there? Isn't there a wardrobe for your clothes? Why did you need that dresser type thing?

    1. Hi Anon!
      I will try and do an apartment tour soon. I got a redone commons apartment. So it has hardwood, super spacious, and a washer and dryer. So I like it. I got the dresser because I had a lot of clothes, and all my clothes did not fit in the dresser that was provided. My roommate doesn't have as much clothes, so she just got a closet organizer and is fine.

      For all the furniture check out Disney Dorms overview. It explains everything the apartments come with:

  2. Hi I'm also driving down what is the process of getting a Florida driver license or can I keep my Ontario license?

    1. This is hard because everyone does different things. What you are supposed to do is switch your license, insurance and plates to Florida stuff. However that is very timely and extremely costly. Would have cost more than my car is worth. What almost everyone does is get their Florida License. To do that you just go to a DMV and you trade in your current license and receive the Florida one for around $36. Then just make sure your insurance will cover you out of country. (all of this is based on you being international). You have to get a Florida license in order to park your car at housing so that's the thing that matters most. And make sure your car is insured!



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