Day Two of Travels


So this day was pretty boring. Drove, drove and drove. We made it to Chicago like planned, but wow was I surprised at how many times we had to stop to pay a toll fee. What is that all about?! (Thats a rhetorical question, I understand the concept of toll highways).

Anyways, the funny part is trying to find a hotel. We ended up driving around for an hour searching for a hotel at a moderate rate, and didn't look like the scene from a horror film. Best Western was asking $130, and I personally didn't want to spend more than $100.

We pulled up to a motel that looking like one of those stereotypical 'wife catches husband cheating with a mistress' type motels. My mom suggested we ask to see a room before checking in, so in this case we did. It was only $52 a night, but when we looking at the room, I instantly thought bedbugs would be crawling on me, and the sheets had never been washed. AND DARIAN WAS ALL FOR STAYING THERE!!!!! WHAT?! Hell no.

Luckily after an hour of driving around and checking different rates, we found a Super 8 Hotel. $72 a night, free wifi, and a continental breakfast. It actually isn't even half bad. We've been getting all the luck with Super 8s.

I'm debating Hotwiring a hotel for tomorrow. Oh ya, the plan is to hit Nashville tomorrow, and hopefully stay there all of Friday. But we will just play it by ear.


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