Disney Binder DIY


Disney Binders seem to be a trend for CRP's and DCP's if you didn't already know. It's essentially a binder to store all your information. Some people store every email they receive from Disney. Some people start their binders early, and put all their interview questions, all their research they've done, and basically anything and everything Disney related!

Now I've seen people make some pretty cool binder covers. It's a chance to be creative! It's like decorating your Magic Bands. You basically have to do it! But no one really shows their binders off, or shows how they created them.

Since I mentioned that I would be making these DIY's, and this was one I was doing no matter what, I decided to film it. I had a really fun time filming and editing this one. So much, that it took me 3 weeks (HEY! It was also a stressful time at school, cut a girl some slack!) But this was my first chance to really test out filming and editing. I tried different angles, and tried retouching the film, and editing the lighting, blah blah blah. Anyways, from someone whose always been obsessed with YouTube, this was really fun for me!

So even if this video is completely useless to some of you, it's probably my favourite video I've ever made in my life.. (Not just the ones on my channel).

I hope you enjoy.


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