About a week ago I emailed Disney's Recruitment Team regarding the fact that I still have not heard back in regards to my background check. When you get your Welcome Email, they inform you that you will hear from the recruitment team regarding the steps needed for the background check. It's now been 6 weeks since I've received that email, and I was starting to get nervous. Disney reassured me that Yummy Jobs should be contacting me soon. I asked those who received the email on the Facebook group what I was required to do. A police check was one step. Since I know that Police Checks can take up to a month to process, and you need your background check no later than 60 days prior to your arrival date, I was starting to freak out. That meant I needed to have my police check done no later than the second week of February to be done on-time.

So yesterday I went to my local police station and got a police check. Which was $30. Poop. Another expense! Funny thing is, today I woke up with an email from... Guess who?! Yummy Jobs. Hahaha they finally contacted me. I just find it funny that they emailed me basically the second after I got my police check. Anyways thats one more thing to check off my list, so I'm one step closer!

Not too exciting but it's an update!


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