So you just applied?


You were happy enough with your application, so you pressed send. WOOHOO! Congratulations. Now the waiting begins. I was going INSANE trying to figure out when I'd hear back, when interviews would be, and when I'd get an acceptance email. I annoyed my friend who was accepted almost every day with the same questions. Also another friend of mine heard within a week after applying, and he had his interview 2 weeks later! So what's normal?

Well my friends, since this is something that made me go insane after applying, I want to answer the question for you. Also I know no one else puts it out there, so I will happily be the one to do so.

When did I hear back after applying?
The UK applicants heard back two weeks after applying. I was on Facebook group getting hundreds of notifications of people receiving their emails, and I kept thinking "What about me?!!!" Canadians heard around the last week of October. I got my email on October 21st. I applied August 31st. So nearly two months later. Pfft two weeks.

How much time did I have from my Interview Email to the interview date?
I got the Interview Email on October 21st, the interview was scheduled for November 12th. So about three weeks. I hear two weeks is the norm for Canada.

When did I get my acceptance email?
On November 24th. The day after my birthday! Disney must have known haha. So fairly shortly after the interview. Not even a full two weeks. I heard a month is normal. The UK applicants heard around the same time. We were told we would hear back by December 20th at the latest. Unfortunately my friend I met at the interview, and a couple others haven't heard back yet. No rejection, or opportunity list email. So Disney isn't perfect. (Update: She's been waitlisted!!! Which basically means yes, we just don't have a start date for you yet.)

Unfortunately I only have my experience and those I became friends with to compare to. I know I have a few followers from Germany, Botswana, Italy, Mexico and several other countries. I'm sorry this was directed mainly to Canada and partially the UK. But I'd assume the dates are similar for all countries unless Disney is short staffed due to personal/medical reasons of their previous staff.

Hope this helped someone.

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