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So I'm filling out the roommate survey because I personally would like to choose my roommates. I am pulling this straight from Ears on Emily's blog.

Basic Information 
Name: Heather Marie
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Birthday/Age: November 23, 1993 (21 during the program)
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Major: Hospitality Management
School: Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT Polytechnic)
Year in School: Last AKA Second
Nationality: Canadian
Religion: Catholic
Are you allergic to anything?: Debatable but no
Siblings?: 3 older sisters. I'm the baby
Pets: One cat
Where do you work: A Japanese fusion restaurant

Disney College Program Details
Wellness/Non-Wellness: Non-Wellness
Resort: Walt Disney World
Program/Dates: May 5th 2015 - April 29th 2016
Role: F&B at the Canada Pavilion
Desired housing complex: Patterson or Commons
Desired number of roommates: 4-6
Alumni: No

Do you drink?: Yes 

Do you smoke?: No
Do you party?: I'm a pretty laid back person; however, I do like to every now and then. Then again I've never been in a party atmosphere so my views may change?
Messy or tidy?: I like the kitchen tidy. I hate dishes in the sink! But my car and room are usually a bit messy. I am working on changing that though!
Do you workout?: When I feel like it. Not religiously at all, and I hate running

Do you like to cook?: I like to once I start, but it usually takes me a while to finally get started. I usually love making pastas, stir-fry's and salads. I love baking.
Night or morning person?: I used to be a morning person, but with my current job I've changed to a night person.
Would you rather go out or stay in?: If I'm at Disney GO OUT
What do you like to do on your days off?: I'm a huge netflix and youtube buff. I watch way too much. I also love to read. I also country swing, but I doubt there are many places to do that in Orlando lol. At Disney I'd love to go to the parks, go to Downtown Disney, Universal, anything! I can be pretty lazy sometimes so I'd make sure to change that while down there.
Do you snore?: Not to my knowledge
What does your bedroom normally look like?: Shh. I'm working on it I swear. (It's usually just clean clothes everywhere that I'm too lazy to put away).
Do you like it when your room is hot or cold?: Depends. Sometimes cool, other times hot
How do you feel about sharing?: I live with my sister and we share everything. I think as long as you ask and don't take, I don't see a problem.
What time do you usually go to bed?: 10pm-2am
What time do you wake up on free days?:  10am-12pm
I couldn't live with a roommate who: Always has people over late at night, blasts music, doesn't respect peoples things, steals, or wakes up at 7 a.m and starts vacuuming (thats what my mom would do.. the vacuuming not stealing lol)
What would you want in a roommate?: Someone who I can become best friends with and who is up for exploring Disney with me! 

Do you like having people over?: Yes to an extent. I like having the chance to leave when I feel like it, and not having to ask people to leave

Three words that describe me: I would say Bubbly, weird, and sensitive (I cry when happy, sad, literally over everything)
One good quality: This is hard to do for yourself. I'd say my personality, I'm kinda a dork but it usually puts people in a good mood
One poor quality: I'm way too sensitive for my own good
Are you outgoing or quiet?: Very outgoing but shy in big crowds where everyone knows each other but I don't know anyone
Do you like hanging out with people or keeping to yourself?: Both. Depends on my mood

Favorite music: Country music, and indie 
Favorite TV shows: Big Brother, PLL, Glee, Once Upon a Time
Favorite movies (non-Disney): Love Actually, Muppets Christmas Carol, Across the Universe, Rent, and A Walk to Remember
Favorite Books: Flowers in the Attic series, 19 Minutes, Divergent series, Hunger Games series except the last book, and basically anything Jodi Picoult (19 minutes is my fav). I'm currently reading The Tenth Circle. 

Disney "Stuff"
Favorite movie: Frozen and Lilo and Stitch
Favorite character: Anna and Stitch
Favorite prince: Eric or Phillip or Aladdin.. Too hard to choose one
Favorite princess: Anna, before that Ariel
Favorite Villain: Ursula, Gaston or Hades
How many times have you been to Disney:  WDW twice: 2002 and 2007
Favorite ride: Mickey's Phillharmagic
Magic Kingdom: Mickey's Phillharmagic
Epcot: Soarin'
Animal Kingdom: Expedition Everest
Hollywood Studios: Rock 'n' Roller Coaster
Favorite Disney World Park: Magic Kingdom 

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