So, this has absolutely nothing to do with Disney. And I only made this blog to talk about my journey with Disney and the application process, but I felt like I needed to write about this. Sometimes talking or writing can really help, so I'm going to give it a go..

In high school I suffered from test anxiety. Nearly every time I took a test, I would basically become dyslexic. I would reread a question over and over again, yet I still would not be able to comprehend what was being asked. I was not able to find a correlation to being underprepared and having my attacks. Even when I was completely ready for the test, I would get anxious. My anxiety attacks included me not being able to see straight, dizziness, my heart beating rapidly, sweats, dehydration, and I usually ended up in tears.

I discovered that if I enjoyed the topic, the anxiety was not as extreme. My first year in college, I only experience one anxiety attack. It was because I was sick and could not concentrate, which made my anxiety very apparent. This year, however; every single test I've had an attack so far. Last year my grades all consisted of A's (+ and -'s). I've only gotten C's so far this year. This is very saddening to me. And I do not want to make excuses for my poor grades, but my studying techniques have not changed. Only thing that has changed is my constant attacks.

I honestly do not know what is causing this, and how I can prevent it. I just thought if I admitted to what was happening, I might be able to move on from it and calm myself down. I have two more tests this week, so I can only pray for the best. I cannot stand these attacks, and I cannot stand the look my teachers give me when they see me crying. "Looks like she didn't study." No.. I did! I studied hard! Thank you very much! Haha. Well hopefully I can get through at least one of these tests without an attack. I mean marketing was my best subject when I went to university.

One can hope.

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