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Hi there. My name is Heather. I started this little blog because I’ve come to learn that I do not remember anything… Therefore, I thought It’d be nice to have a place where I can write about my experiences and have a place to vent, so I can look back and see what was going on in my twenties. Also journals get lost and thrown out all the time by me. So here we are. If you are reading this and your name does not happen to be Heather, well… Hi.. I apologize for my grammar and punctuation. I am writing for pleasure, and not to be critiqued.

So heres an update. I am 20 years young. I am a second year Hospitality Management student. On August 31st at 11:30 p.m (30 minutes before the cut off), I applied for Disney’s Cultural Representative Program. That is where I would work in the Canada Pavilion at EPCOT and represent the country. Ideally I want to work in F&B, but frankly, I’d be happy with any job. I have wanted to do this since 2002, when I first went to Disney World. The lady working merchandise told me about the program, and it has been in the back of my mind ever since. The plan was to take a year off after High School and work down in Disney, but instead I went to Mount Royal and took Open Studies (SHOULD’VE GONE TO DISNEY!!). Then I took a year off. I was still unsure what I was going to do, and I was wait-listed in the Business program, but didn’t get in. I then moved out with my best friend, and worked full-time. So why didn’t I go to Disney this year? Well, I was living with my best friend, was in a relationship, loved my job, and having the time of my life (SHOULD’VE GONE TO DISNEY!!). That spring I started applying for every program and school in Calgary. If I did not get accepted into anything, my backup plan was.. GO TO DISNEY or something of that sort like travel. Then a month before school was to start, I got accepted into SAIT. Darn.
So here I am, going into my second year and I finally applied to Disney. On September 2nd I got an email telling me to upload a copy of my passport and emergency contact information to DOC. I read this email while walking home from school and immediately started making phone calls. I called my best friend and my Mom crying I was so excited. The email clearly stated I had to do these things to be “considered further,” but I didn’t care… I was one step closer. Now is the waiting game. It’s been a full week since I’ve applied, and apparently people start getting emails 2 weeks after the applications are closed.
Fingers crossed.

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