Housing Can Be Relaxing Too


Everyone who is on the program knows that if you want to relax, you go and have a staycation (a vacation on property or in Orlando). I'm hear to say that you can have your own staycation in housing.

First thing is to have the place to yourself. If your roommate is planning a trip or staycation, this is the best time to do it. Having the room to yourself is so peaceful and enjoyable. It gives you more freedom and time to relax.

Second, splurge on things that will make you happy. Cook yourself an amazing meal, buy yourself some wall scents, and get some nice beauty products.

Having a warm bath, doing a face mask, drinking some tea, and plugging in a wall scent can help make a relaxing night. Then put on your favourite film/read a book, or in my case catch up on some YouTube, and just relax.

This program can be exhausting and drain you. I think it is extremely important to have days to yourself. Hanging out with people from around the world, working with tourists, and having the parks readily available at your own pleasure is amazing; however, it is also extremely exhausting. Sometimes I say to myself "you can sleep in when you're home in Calgary," but other days its necessary. If you don't take care of your health and especially your mental health, this program can be near impossible. I won't sugar coat it. There are days where you want to just term and head home, because it all can become a bit too much. But that's why I highly recommend, at least twice a week, have "me days."

If you have any other tips feel free to comment below!


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