My Visit Home


So I went home to Calgary for a couple days last week. I had to deal with travel insurance stuff, as well as sending some money home (I didn't want to wait since the dollar is soo good from American to Canadian), and I really missed my cat lol. And family of course... But mainly my cat.

So here are just a few photos from back home.

What I loved about going back home was the food. You think for a place that has so many tourists from across the world, the food would be more cultured. Nope. Orlando has some amazing restaurants, don't get me wrong. Apart from The World Showcase, there are not many authentic cuisines. So I ate! And I ate A LOT. I went for Vietnamese, Japanese, had the classic Timmy's, Village Ice Cream, Vendome.. Mmm Vendome. 

Vendome is my favourite cafe in Calgary. It has recently become a hipster hangout which I hate, cause now the line is always so long, when it used to be my quiet little hangout. But I cannot get enough of their Salmon Egg's Benny! (Not pictured, I took a photo of their Breakfast Poutine... Cause... Poutine!) Anyways I miss my city a lot, but I will miss not getting to go to the parks whenever I want more. So I'm not quite ready to head home JUST yet!


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