Falling in Love in Disney


So just to throw this out there, I hate Valentines Day. Always have, always will. But thats not what this post is about. I recognize some people love it, and they want to hear about all things gushy and lovey dovey. I've also been considering this post for a while now, so why not do it today.

My family always joked that I was going to move down to Disney and basically come back with an American boyfriend who loves Disney as much as I do and shortly after we would have our fairytale wedding at the Wedding Pavilion in the Grand Floridian... Wow were they off.

I did meet someone... He is not American. And he does not love Disney the way I do. In fact, he cannot even understand my love for Disney 99.999% of the time. But I fell for him. When I moved down here I was not looking for love. Within the course of the year, I had my heart played too many times. I was done with the male population. But sometimes friendships grow.

My boyfriend and I arrived together. We became friends very quickly. He was incredibly shy, and I tried my hardest to break his shyness. Then we started hanging out more often, and I grew feelings for him. Long story short we ended up liking each other, but both of us were afraid to jump into a relationship. I'm from Canada, he's from Germany. That is just a recipe for disaster. I did not want my program to be about a guy, and I also didn't want my heart to get broken and it ruin my program. I was afraid, and so was he. We kept our relationship secret for over a month, while we figured out what we wanted to do. We knew we could not pretend we were not falling for each other for ever. Plus my roommate was constantly telling everyone that we were dating, so we just decided to accept it.

Ten months later, and my program is almost done. I've had the best relationship ever. How could you not while in Disney World? Romantic dinners, hotels, vacations, canoe rides, firework shows, etc. Disney is just setting everyone up for love haha. It's getting close to the time where goodbyes will come. I'm scared. I met the most amazing guy ever that I cannot imagine spending a week without, let alone months at a time. He will be 7,869 km away from me, and 8 hours time difference. He will be having dinner when I'm waking up, and vice versa. Long distance is hard, let along when you're on different continents! But it might be worth it.

If anyone is struggling through the same thing, my advice is to enjoy your time with that person in the moment. My issue was always worrying about the clock ticking, and our programs ending, and having to say goodbye. Enjoy the moment while in it. Then make a plan. We have planned when I am visiting him, so there is at least a light at the end of the tunnel. And now I have a chauffeur in Germany when I go and visit for the first time!

All I know is I did not want to fall in love at Disney, but I did. I've had the best program ever with him, and I cannot wait for all of our adventures ahead of us. Our programs may be ending, but the Adventure Book is just beginning.


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