New Years Resolution


So I'm huge into New Years Resolutions. I love writing down the things I want to complete in a year, and going back and checking off whether I completed them or not. Sure most time they're silly things you forget about a week later, but sometimes you surprise yourself on what you complete without even trying. I have been doing NYR for 7 years, and only missed one year. I will obviously have a more personal list that I won't share online, but here is my Disney's NYR:

1. Vlog More: I love watching my vlogs back. They are like online video diaries to me. Also it is like reliving the moment while I watch the videos. It breaks my heart that I haven't vlogged as much as I wanted to, so I hope I try and change that in the next four months.

2. Blog More: A lot of people read my blog. I feel bad that I don't post as much as I should. I told myself when I made this blog that I wouldn't be one of those bloggers who goes MIA once they get to Disney... And I did. I will try and change that! (Comment on what kind of posts you would like to see and I will happily do them!)

3. Complete My Bucket List: I have a Disney bucket list, and if I don't complete it, I will never forgive myself.

4. Pick Up More Shifts: Lets face it, if I work one day, I'm going to go home after work and relax, and not go to the parks. Therefore, I should be picking up shifts and work longer days to make more money!

5. Stop Stressing: So Disney is not all that magical for cast members most of the time (that's a post for another day). I want to stop getting worried about all the small things and just be all together happier. I want to really enjoy my last four months here.

I hope you all make some New Years Resolutions too! You will surprise yourself in 2017 what you had accomplished!


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