Family Visit at Christmas


My family just came to visit to spend Christmas with me. It was super nice. I will probably make a post about my tips on traveling to Disney during Christmas time later.

My family and I stayed in Port Orleans Riverside, and I highly recommend it. I have not stayed in many of the Disney properties, but this felt like a deluxe resort despite being moderate. The atmosphere at the hotel was so calming and relaxing. We were close to the main pool, but far enough away that we did not hear the excitement. This meant we were close to the main dining locations which was super convenient in the morning. They also had a movie night, where we sat on the lawn in front of a projector and watched Toy Story 2. It was super relaxing, and was nice to watch a movie with my nephew, while eating pizza and drinking wine and hot chocolate. It was probably the most relaxing night of the trip.

Overall, I am super happy my family got to come a visit. I'm not sure if they enjoyed their time at Disney because of how stressful and busy it is at Christmas time, but I am so thankful that I got to spend time with them. Here are just a couple of the photos from when they came:


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