Guests Making Magic


Being in the hospitality industry, you deal with a lot of crap to say the least. And honestly they just make for really good stories when you're venting. Not that often do guests do something memorable enough that makes for a magical moment on our part. But when they do, it means more than they could ever imagine.

The other night I had a guest who over heard me tell another girl who shares the same birthday as me that the next day will be my birthday. The table who over heard told me they didn't understand how to fill out their receipt, so I explained it to them slowly, and then they thanked me and wished me a happy birthday and left.

It was a cute couple who was celebrating their 7th year anniversary. They dressed up nice, and we're very polite. They actually inquired about Canada's culture and the CRP program, and they made for great conversations. They were a true pleasure to serve. But I do not believe I deserved what they left me. I am so undoubtably grateful and astonished to see such a beautiful gesture in people.

There are so many awful experiences I have dealt with being in hospitality. People usually don't look at me as an equal sometimes and I'm fine with that because most of the time I love my job. And this is why. I don't know what I did for this couple on their anniversary to be so generous, but in some way I did something. In some way I created magic on their night, so they made magic on mine. And that's why I love hospitality.



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  1. That is so special honey. You deserve it because you are very nice girl and treat people like they should be treated. Even the annoying ones.
    Love Mommy

    1. Hahaha yes mom, even the annoying ones :) I love you <3



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