Disney's New Security


In case you haven't heard, Disney has implemented a new security policy. Metal detectors have now been installed in Disneyland, California Adventures, and Walt Disney Worlds four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom). People will be randomly selected to go through these metal detectors.

Not only that, but toy guns are now restricted from the parks, included Buzz Lightyears Blasters, Bubble Blasters, and anything that may look violent (Light sabers currently are still allowed). The final change is that adults and children above the ages of 14, are no longer permitted to dress up to go to the parks. 

All this information can be found on the Disney Website

So what is my view on this? Well most of these changes are based off of a Miami Lawyer who tried to sneak a gun into Magic Kingdom last week, which you can read about here. Not very magical, now is it? So I understand why Disney wanted to tighten their security. Also with what has been going on in the world, it can be expected. However, I hate metal detectors. I find them cold, scary, and definitely unmagical! But I understand why Disney did this. Other theme parks like Universal, and SeaWorld are tightening their security protocols as well.

Now to the costume rule. I HATE THIS. HATE HATE HATE HATE. Did I mention I hated it? Okay, so I get the whole adults can't dress up. We don't want young boys and girls running up to someone dressed as Cinderella, and thinking that is Cinderella. Because everyone knows Cinderella is in her castle! But to tell a 14 year old that she's "too old" to dress up? I am absolutely not okay with that. The whole message of Disney is that everyone is a kid at heart. No one is too old for anything! Also Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is the one time of the year that adults finally are allowed to dress up as their favourite characters. This was one of the things I was the most excited about when I started my program. I made a cosplay costume of Ariel, and I wanted to meet Ariel in the costume SO badly. If they had changed that rule before I had a chance to go, this would have ruined my program. It would have devastated me. 

I honestly do not understand why they made this a rule. Disney obviously thinks out every decision they do, so I am sure they had a great reason that was well though out.. However, I am just so sad to hear this news.

What do you guys think with the changes? Let me know!


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