The number one thing I stressed about before coming down here was my travel insurance. Disney requires that CRP's have 120 days of travel insurance (3 months), to cover you before your Disney benefits kick in. But you're in a different Country for a year, should you get a full year of insurance? What do Disney benefits cover?

I will say this: America's health care is awful.. I'm sorry if I offend any Americans, but it is. I went to the hospital for a kidney infection and for treatment that lasted less than 4 hours, it cost me $3000. I also went to the doctors twice before trying to figure out what was wrong. I am still waiting on these bills. So lets just assume that a simple infection cost me $4000, plus my prescriptions which were $200.... All which would have been covered by Canada's insurance (except the prescriptions but they would be no where near that price).

What would Disney of covered if I wasn't covered by my travel insurance during this time? $1860. Now you do have different plan options and I would give details as to what they are; however, I am not sure if this is allowed. I did choose the cheapest plan, which had the highest deductible. But all the plans only seemed to cover 80% once you've paid the deductible. So I would have lost over $2000 of my own money. And how much is travel insurance for a year? It obviously varies but even if I spent a grand on travel insurance, it would have still been cheaper! And EVERYONE gets sick, or injured down here. It's inevitable. (4 people in the Canada pavilion have have a serious incident happen to them since I've been here. Don't assume it won't happen to you).

Luckily my travel insurance covered 100% of it. So I don't have to worry about anything. I only had 3 months of travel insurance, and this incident happens 4 days before my insurance was going to expire. I called and extended my insurance for another 4 months, and I just have to return to Alberta for a day to extend it longer, which I WILL DO.

So my biggest piece of advice is to purchase a full year of travel insurance. Canada's health care system is amazing. Take advantage of it. I also recommend the Disney benefits plan just for simple doctors / dentist visits and check ups. However, I wouldn't rely on it covering you during a serious incident. Americas health care is just too expensive, and will make you bankrupt even with 80% covered. I hope this helps someone.


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  1. Heather,

    Do you know if Disney would allow my New Brunswick Medicare to count as my health insurance for those first 120 days? I've already spoken to them and my medicare is going to remain the same for the next year.

    Thank you!




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