Magically Beautiful Moments


I have two stories of why I love my job, and why I love Disney. I've only been here for two weeks, and I already feel so moved by this company. I understand why a lot of people do not understand how Disney can affect someones life so much, but maybe these stories can help make those people understand.

The first one begins at Akershus, the restaurant in Norway where you can dine with the Princesses. I went to the Princess breakfast the other day with my friends. For those who don't know how the Princess dining works, various Princesses walking around the restaurant and interact with each table. They also do the Princess Procession. This is where the characters grab all the little Prince and Princesses in the restaurant and walk around and kids essentially get to feel like royalty for a moment. So we were at our table, being greeted by all the Princesses, and then we overhear Cinderella at the table beside us. I notice Cinderella is crying. I overhear the teenage girl talking to Cindy explaining how her Mother just passed away, and how Cinderella was her mother's favourite. She shows Cinderella a tattoo she got in honour of her mother, and from far away it looks like a glass slipper. Cinderella states through tears, that even though her mother is gone, her Fairy Godmother will still look after her, and that her Mother would be so proud of her staying strong. Then instead of doing her job and walking around with all the children, Cinderella grabs the teenage girl, and walks with her during the Princess Procession, holder her close and giving her comforting words. Cinderella did not leave the girl until the girl stopped crying. I never saw anything so touching. Cinderella still made it to all the other tables, but spending that extra time with the teenage girl probably meant more to her, than anything has in a long time. Coming from someone who has lost a parent, I can understand how an act so small can make such a large difference while grieving. I can only imagine how much Cinderella has moved this girl, and probably helped her during this difficult time. 

Next story happened at Le Cellier, the restaurant I work at in the Canada Pavilion. I was working the podium, seating guests one night. While on podium it is our job to interact with guests waiting if we are not busy seating other guests. There was only one lady in the lobby at the time, but I went over to her and made small talk. I began conversation with simple questions, "where are you traveling from?" "Have you dined here before?" etc. She told me how she's been coming to Le Cellier for 40 years. Her and her husband use to come 3 times a year. To celebrate Christmas, their anniversary and one of their birthdays. She then told me how her husband passed away 5 years ago, but she still comes to Le Cellier in honour of him. She always gets his favourite dessert, even though she always wanted the chocolate mousse instead. She explained how they used to fight on which dessert to share, and now it only felt right getting the one he wanted. Me being me, started crying. I tried to keep it together, but this women really moved me. This is how I imagined my mom if she wouldn't have met Len. I'm even crying while writing this. I told her about my Dad passing away, and we both comforted each other with stories of how Disney makes us feel close to the ones we have lost.

Disney really brings families together, creates love, and reminds you of those beautiful memories you've shared with those who are now gone. I don't know how, but when you're at Disney, those who you've lost, don't feel lost. It feels like they're with you every step. And Disney is such a happy place to be. That's why it seems like so many people choose to mourn at Disney World. And why Disney means so much to people. 

And to me.


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