Happy Easter


I hope everyone had a lovely easter. Whether you spent your day at Church, collecting Easter eggs, having a family dinner, or spending the day watching netflix! No matter how you spent your day, I hope you had a good one.

On Saturday my sisters Christine, Laura and I decorated easter eggs together and they turned out so nice. 

We even attempted to dye brown eggs. They surprisingly turned out beautifully, and more chic looking than the brightly coloured eggs. 

On Easter I spent my morning sleeping in (cause I got off work at 3 a.m.) and watched netflix with my sister. I basically decided to annoy her all morning. I have to make sure she remembers what she's going to miss when I move out haha!

We then went to our older sister Laura's apartment for Easter dinner, where our Mom and her husband Len joined us, with David and my nephew Liam. It was so lovely. Laura and David made a wonderful Ham Dinner for us and it was delicious, and we had homemade carrot cake for dessert. Laura also put together a beautiful table arrangement. 

We also got to enjoy a beautiful bottle of French red that was a gift to Christine and I, and retails for $150.00. I've never had the pleasure of having such a nice vintage, and I'm happy I got to open it with my family. However, it did not pair well with my Lindor Chocolate Bunny... It was awful! Tasted great with the dinner though. 

I really am going to miss this adorable family of mine. 


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  1. It was a very nice day..and the last holiday we will spend with you until Christmas.



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