Day One of Travels


So my day started with sleeping in... Oops. I wanted to be on the road at 6:00 a.m. but instead was on my way to Darian's at 6:30 a.m. and on the Highway at 7:30. Despite being behind on time, we were on our way! Then.... Our GPS was super out of date and took us in circles and we were too dumb to use our common sense to just head east. Finally we turned off the GPS and headed towards Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

This is where Darian was about to MURDER me. In Moose Jaw we started off getting lunch. So that was easy. Then I wanted to go to a grocery store and get "Canadian items," such as, Ketchup Chips, Clamato Juice, and KD. Then I wanted to go to the bank and deposit all my cash. I had a bunch of change from my car and piggy bank that I wanted to cash in as well. It was a couple hundreds worth so to me it was worth it. Sadly the bank wouldn't take my sandwich bags of change (how rude), so we spent a good half hour rolling up change. "Heather, why wouldn't you do all this before you left?" You know what?! I don't know!!! Well finals and all were stressful... But I am a HUGE procrastinator.  Then finally after that was done, we filled up on gas and were on our way.

At the border, we had to go inside and sign a few forms. The guards had never seen an I-94 Q1 form before, so they weren't too sure what to do. I had to get my fingerprints scanned (errr) and photo taken (I was NOT photo ready!). After getting my visa dealt with, and after convincing the border patrol to have his daughter sign up for the Disney College Program, we finally were allowed to enter the country. And surprisingly without being searched! I now owe Darian lunch tomorrow since I bet they would search us. However, time at the border set us back 2 hours, and Moose Jaw also set us back 2 hours. So we were 4 hours behind from where we would have liked to have been.

Tonight we are staying in Minot. We accidentally set our GPS to Minot's Airforce, which lead us to a military camp. We pulled into the military's camp gate and were greeted by "you aren't where you are supposed to be" faces. I asked him if this was Minot and it seems we were still 10 miles away from the city. Oops. Anyways, now we are tucked up in bed, and we've survived our first days of travels.

Tomorrow we are hoping to make it to Chicago for the night. Gotta try that Chicago deep dish! I'll try and update every night, but it could just be boring stories, so we'll see. Also I do have a couple videos coming soon, I promise!


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