On Monday I got an email that a package will arrive at my door in 24 hours. I had no idea why I had a package coming, because I'm not a big online shopper, and I never use Fedex. Then I looked at the shipping address, and guess where it was from? The one and only Orlando, Florida!

So I immediately assumed it was my Visa, or at least some Welcome package. But I really was not sure. I basically was jumping with excitement yesterday when I saw it. And low and behold it was my Visa petition! Yaayayayayay. 

One thing I need to find out about is on the petition, it stated that it's valid starting April 30th. I was planning on leaving on either April 28th or April 29th.. So I need to find out if this will be a problem at the border. I don't think it will be since I'm Canadian and I have a passport, but I would rather not find out the day of. 

Also sorry I have not been updating a lot lately. Not much has been going on besides craziness at school. Put I have started packing up my closet. Just putting what I know I won't wear, or need into storage, and packing my summer clothes into suitcases. My closet is basically empty right now. I'm leaving myself with almost nothing to wear for two months, but I'll survive! 

Anyways I should be paying attention in school and not blogging, so goodbye!


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  1. Hey Heather, love your blog. I applied in August to do CRP and am still playing the waiting game. I was wondering if you had to go to Ottawa at any point for the visa application? I've noticed that people from other countries have mentioned having to make a trip to their American embassy but I'm not sure if Canadians have to or not. Anyway thanks for all the advice on the blog. Sounds like an amazing experience !

  2. Nope! U.S. Canadians are lucky! They just mailed me my visa petition, and then when you're at the boarder you give it to them and they give you your visa for the full year. No appointments necessary! I'd give yourself extra time though before your flight / driving to deal with boarder control though.



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