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This is going to be a sappy post...

One thing that I love about this program, is it introduces you to people from all over the country, and all over the world. If you are thinking about applying, but afraid because of the fear of being all by yourself for a year... YOU CRAZY! Find a CRP group on Facebook, and really interact with the people you are with during your interview. I can guarantee, you will not be alone!

I was lucky enough to meet a girl on WDWIP. She said she had the same interview date as I did, so we added each other on Facebook and started talking. We ended up having the same interview slot, and shared many laughs while we awaited for our names to be called.

She shared the excitement with me when I received my start date, and I waited in anticipation for her to receive her email. She went a lot longer than I did to hear back. Whether she knows it or not, I was anxious for her. It made me very sad to think my new friend may not have made it. She was waitlisted, which made me so ecstatic. She was so hesitant about being waitlisted, but it is NOT a bad thing, it just means they don't have specific date for you yet. Anyways she made it! She starts a month after me (UHG... Can't be roomies!!)

Despite the fact that we met online, and only spent an hour with each other in person, I can tell Morgan is going to be someone who will be a life long friend. She is such a genuine, kind hearted person, and I can't wait to spend 11 months going cray in MK together!

The other day she made me this adorable letter H. I absolutely love Lilo and Stitch, and she knew that, and put it together for me.

I absolutely love it! I'm so excited to hang it on my bulletin board when she gets down there! But Morgan is not the only incredible person I've met. I've met so many people around the world that I cannot wait to finally meet, eat at Ohana's together, work together, party together, and just spend the best year together! This program is such a great way to make friends. 

Caitlin is another great friend I've met from the United Kingdom. We applied together, but sadly she did not make it through. It broke my heart, and sadly I won't get to meet her in the next year... but I do believe that she will be accepted one day, and if I ever go to the United Kingdom, I definitely will stop by Swansea!!! Caitlin is such a sweetheart. She was made for Disney. She basically is a Disney Princess already, because she dresses up as them and reads to kids (I don't know the official name of it). So even though she isn't accepted now, I do believe she will find her way into the parks some day.  She currently works at the Disney Store in Swansea, and when I got accepted she got me a gift to congratulate me! 

She got me this adorable Mickey sweater that I love. It's probably my favourite sweater right now. People in this program are so amazing. If you are afraid of not making friends, you just need to put yourself out there. You know you have one thing in common... DISNEY! I cannot believe how many friends I have made in the past 7 months. I haven't even started my program, and I know I have made life long friends. 


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  1. How did I just see this now?! Heather!!! This is just the sweetest. :) Feeling hella blessed to have already found such a great friend! :D

    1. So am I :) this will be an amazing year!



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