Disney Sharpie Mug DIY


So I attempted my first DIY the other day. I saw so many things on Pinterest that I've been dying to try, and finally got around to doing it. The first thing I tried out was these DIY Sharpie mugs. What I used was: 
-Cheap mugs from Walmart / Dollar Store
-Cotton Pads
-Rubbing Alcohol (Pure acetone works too)
-Oil based Sharpies

Now I did a lot of research on this first. I've heard many cases of the image coming off after one wash, and thats not because it went through the dishwasher. Turns out the if you use regular Sharpies, they will soon come off. No matter how long you bake the Sharpie, and if you get all the oils off the mug before creating your design, the Sharpie will still not be permanent. This is because of the glaze on the mug. You want to use an oil base Sharpie so that it will penetrate into the glaze, and when it is baked it stays permanent. If you use these markers, they are dishwasher safe. However, it is safest to wash by hand. (My mugs have gone through the dishwasher 3 times, and still no fading!!) Disclaimer: These still change colour when baked. The blue turned to a grey blue, and the gold turned more of a dull colour. Try a test spot first so you are not disappointed.

These are the mugs I made. I made a Big Hero 6 one because, well, that movie is awesome, and Baymax is awesome. On the back it says "Sick! It's just an expression." I made Chip from Beauty and the Beast. I've always wanted a Chip mug, but I have never found one. This was my main reason for doing this DIY. And I made a Frozen inspired mug. I ATTEMPTED (a bad one) to draw Olaf on one side, and on the other side I wrote "I love warm hugs" but then crossed out the hugs and wrote coffee. I saw this on Pinterest and loved the idea. 

If you want a more detailed version of how I made these mugs, make sure to check out my YouTube channel. I made a video on how to make them, more specifically, how to make Chip. 

If you guys try these, make sure to tag me in them on Instagram @xxHeathMarie I'd love to see your guy's creations! 
I loved making mine and they turned out great. 
Plus you can never have too many Disney mugs. 


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