I've been coming across a bunch of Disney DIY's on Pinterest. I'm the type of person who thinks of doing things, but never commits. But I kinda want to attempt these diy's. I never took art but I still consider myself rather creative, so I have a couple ideas to make these diy's I've been seeing into something more original. I also need to decorate my Disney binder where I will keep all my acceptance letter, visa, dorm info, and just anything I may need. There's so many thing's I want to do, now I just need to commit and do it!

I might make a post on what I make, and all that... I know it's not CRP related, but it is Disney related. I don't know if that's something you guys would be interested in?? If it is something you would want to see, let me know in the comments!

Also I last week I hit 1000 views, and I'm already almost at 2000! That makes me so excited. And blows my mind that there are that many people who are interested in what I am doing/I am helping. I love looking at where all my views are coming from. Lately I'm getting a bunch of views from Germany, and that's crazy to think! I also get a bunch of view from the UK, so shoutout to the Brits!! Haha. Anyways thank you guys so much. I really wanted to create this blog to help others applying. I personally found a lot of gaps in information when I was searching other peoples blogs, so I really want to fill those gaps during this process. If there is anything specifically you want to know, just let me know and I'll make sure to cover it when I hit that process, or I'll ask people I know who have done/are in the program now. Again, thank you guys so much. I can't believe the following I've created, and I'm so excited to bring you all on this journey with me.

Anyways let me know if you'd be interest in my diy's and any information you've been wanting to know!!


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  1. Hi! I'm a frequent vistor who just applied last week to the cultural program. I love diy's so you should defintely post about it if you do make any. Also I'm from the UK!! Hi!!!! Can you post all about traditions when you start, I find no blogs discuss that. Thanks. x

  2. I would watch! I love diys specially if they are disney based.



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