My Disney Story


Disney is a bit of an obsession for me. It has been for years, I just wasn't always upfront about it. I had a friend say to me the other day that they knew I liked Disney, but never realized how much. That's because sometimes you find something that means so much to you, you don't want to share it, unless it's with people you really care about. Like my family, or my best friend. But here is a very detailed story of why I love Disney.

Disney has been apart of my family for as long as I can remember. With Disney ornaments during Christmas, a china cabinet of Royal Dalton Disney figurines, or the best vacations that I can remember, Disney was just there. It wasn't just like the children liked it, so my parents bought us Disney toys.. It was that Disney was with us all the time (as corny as that sounds).

Growing up, I was a major outcast that struggled finding a place where I belonged. Hmmm where have I heard that before? Oh ya, the main character for the majority of Disney films!! I always turned to a Disney film to comfort me when I was sad. When VMK (Virtual Magic Kingdom) was released for Disneyland's 50th Birthday, I was drawn to it. I was obsessed with online games as a kid (Sims, Habbo Hotel, etc...), so when a Disney online world came out, you can imagine my excitement. I was addicted to this game. I had no one in real life I really could relate to, and found myself on the computer for hours making friends with people who seemed a lot like me. Now this isn't going to be some creepy catfish story because my parents taught me to never meet a stranger! Plus VMK did shut down after a while. But I found myself on online forums like DISBoards and MiceChat. Again I loved to talk to people who had such a large passion for Disney like I did. Although, I no longer am a frequent poster on either of these boards, when I'm bored it is a guilty pleasure of mine to read about other peoples vacations, tips, and stories.

When my father passed away, I couldn't actually enjoy a Disney film and I never realized why. I believe it's because, when I think of Disney, I also associate my dad. My dad was the one spending hours planning the vacations, researching the best tips on DISBoards, getting the best deals at hotels, and making an itinary so we wouldn't miss a thing. I believe my Dad's love for Disney was greater than all of us kids combined (until now!). UP was released after his death, and I remember crying for hours thinking that this is the first of many Disney movies he would never get to see. So I refused to go see it too. My sister; however, brought it with us to Bahamas (a vacation he planned for us at Christmas time), and we watched it Christmas Eve. (What possessed my sister to make us watch that film as we mourn a parent is beyond me... I still refuse to watch it because I can't go 3 minutes without hysterical tears). After that incident, I didn't watch another Disney film for 8 months, which is a huge deal for me. The first film since UP I watched was Lilo and Stitch with a guy I was seeing at the time, because he wanted to see my favourite film. I still remember him looking at me and wondering why I was crying during a cartoon (obviously not a keeper). But that's when I finally stopped my Disney strike. My best friend and I would always have Disney movie marathons, rock out to Disney songs, and see the new released films.

Yes, I'm not fortunate enough to go to the parks once a year or more. Yes, I've only been to Disney World twice, and never step foot in Anaheim's, Tokyo's, Hong Kong's, or Paris's Disney park. Yes, there are a few Disney films I haven't seen which are classics, such as the Fox and the Hound. Yes, my obsession could be a lot worse. However, I love Disney. I love all the messages it has. I love how innovative the company is. I love how when I had no friends, Disney helped me feel accepted with VMK.

I love how when I don't know what to do with my life right now, I can find myself while staying in the Happiest Place on Earth. I love Disney, and I always will.


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  1. Thank you anon! I wanted my blog post and YouTube vlog to be different versions of my love for Disney. The blog is very personal, and the vlog is more towards my family memories with Disney. I hope you enjoyed both!



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